i *heart* spring

i made a common gardening mistake…i think it was the engineer in me that made the grid….apparently that’s not how you’re supposed to garden…but instead cluster and group the blubs together for a more natural look…rite now, i got rows of flowers…boooo…but still pretty

the grid

last fall…

the spacings on the package seems to be too far off….next year…i promise the garden will be nicer, i was pretty glad that they sprouted since this is my first time gardening, although the anemones didn’t sprout =(  5 out of the 6 isn’t too bad…

cant wait till they’re in full bloom…planted different types of hyacinths…

my grape hyacinths (muscari)…i think i planted it too low =( well…got to learn from mistakes…

i got a full bed of daffodils…n since i’m rarely home during the day to enjoy them…decided bring them inside…i thought it would be hard for me, cutting flowers off the ground but instead it was quite a liberating experience.  now it’s put on a pedestal for us to appreciate them even more…there’s something very cheery about daffodils…it brings me joy everytime i look at them n they fit perfectly in my yellow kitchen…i cant believe there were over 3 dozens daffodils in the garden…

our cherry blossom tree hasnt bloom yet…sam said it mite not bloom the first yr it’s planted…booo….but our neighbor’s is blooming…i’m so tempted to bring my scissors n chop off some branches…cherry blossoms r gorgeous n i got the PERFECT vases for it…

i really want to start my vegetable/herb and summer flower garden this spring…but with the wedding planning & training…i barely have time to do anything recreational….so that has to wait till next spring…i wanna be martha…cooking out of her own garden…


2 responses to “i *heart* spring

  1. Your garden looks Wonderful! Thank you for sharing… Debbie 🙂

  2. Vas says : I absolutely agree with this !

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