soy sauce chicken

so on my day off…i surprised sammy with brownies n a home cooked meal waiting for him when he comes home from work =D

i made soy sauce chicken wings with some modifications from my mom’s recipe off the top of my head…if u havent notice…sammy LOVES wings…he stocked up on chicken wings from costco…we still got a bunch of them in the freezer…

there r 2 types of soy sauce used…i still remember my mom trying to “teach” us n i just laugh when she said “new” n “old” soy sauce…i never really understood the difference until now…the combination adds diff taste dimensions…n i think my mom used rock sugar…but i used reg dark brown sugar instead….

1 cup of dark soy sauce, 1 cup of light soy sauce, bruise pieces of ginger n add sugar to taste (i added about 4 tablespoons)…i like my soy sauce chicken salty n not sweet so add more sugar if u like it sweeter…bring mixture to a boil dissolving all sugar…then add chicken wings…add water so that the mixture coats all the chicken…bring it to a boil…about 5mins (tip is to add hot water…i added cold n waited a bit longer for it to boil up)…n simmer for another 10-15mins depending on ur preference…the longer u simmer it the more the chicken absorbs the flavors (but make sure ur chicken is cook though)….the soy sauce can be saved for later use…i remember my mom using the soy sauce for the rest of the week…

i simmered them for about 30mins cuz sammy was running late from work…it came out super dark…n extremely flavorful…YUM…we cleaned our plates =D

accompanied by string beans with black bean sauce….


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