put chai go

ingredients:  1lb fresh rice flour dough (can be purchased at fresh soy bean places in ctown), red bean (soaked for at least 1hr n then boil for another 1hr or until soft), ~6 oz dark brown sugar, 2.5 cups of water

  • melt sugar with 1.5 cups of water
  • mix the flour dough with 1 cup of water

  • combined the 2 mixtures until smooth (should be a light brown color)

  • steam for 10mins (we’re not lucky to have clay pot readily available so we used a mini muffin pan to steam…worked like a charm)
  • if u like red bean…add red bean after the first minute…then cover n return for remaining 9 mins

fresh hot off the stove…remove after it’s cooled off (we had more batches to make so we put the pan on an ice bath to cool quicker…)  very very YUMMY…


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